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Membership Fees
Investment formula based on TOTAL # of Employees:

# of FULL Time Employees:

1 / 2 # of PART Time Employees:

Add together for TOTAL #:

Total # of Employees = Annual Cost (full 12 mos.)

# OF EMPLOYEES                                           ANNUAL COST

1—5                                                                                       $325

6—10                                                                                     $425

11—20                                                                                   $550

21—40                                                                                   $650

41—60                                                                                   $850

61—80                                                                                   $1,100

81—100                                                                                $1,300

101—150                                                                              $1,625

151—250                                                                              $1,900

251—500                                                                              $2,500

501—1000                                                                            $3,050

1001—2000                                                                         $3,550

2001—3000                                                                         $3,800

3001—Higher                                                                       $4,150

SPECIAL INVESTMENT CATEGORIES                                

GRADE SCHOOL/ HIGH SCHOOL                                        $550

COLLEGE / UNIVERSITY                                                      $750





RETIRED INDIVIDUAL            $100


*Investment in the Joliet Region Chamber of Commerce & Industry is not deductible as a charitable contribution, but may be deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense.  98% of dues are deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense.

Membership Application
Download a Membership Application, fill it out and fax to 815-727-5374 attention Membership or mail to 116 N. Chicago St (Suite 110), Joliet, IL. 60432.

Join online, a Chamber staff member will contact you to confirm receipt and answer any questions.

Business Category List
Not sure what business category to choose? View a list of Category Codes to fill out on your membership application.

Auto Payment Option
We’ve recently added the option to have your membership payment charged to a credit or debit card on a monthly basis. We believe this is a great option, especially for those companies that prefer to spread their payments over 12 months. Contact the Joliet Chamber at 815.727.5371 for agreement form to accompany your application.



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  • Networking & Advertising
  • Community Leadership School

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Diane DeVries

“The Joliet Chamber was one of the first groups I joined 24 years ago when I started my sales job with the local radio stations. I knew no one, and the chamber staff and members were welcoming and helpful from day one. Since then, the chamber has been absolutely essential in building my business, building my relationships, and building friendships. From networking events, to golf outings, dinners, festivals and galas, the Joliet Chamber brings successful people together to support not only the business community, but the everyday life of the area residents. Thank you for everything you do!”

Diane DeVries

Alpha Media

Shark Shredding & Document Management Services, Inc.

“I wanted to pass along a “Thank You” to the staff at the chamber of commerce for a call we received at our office today.

An elderly gentleman from the Joliet area reached out to the Joliet chamber office needing to find help with some shredding services. The staff was kind enough to provide him with our company name and telephone number. As is our normal practice, when finishing up with his phone call, I asked him how he had learned of our company and he explained that he was given our name and number by the folks at the Joliet Chamber of Commerce.

As we all know, in today’s tight economy, there is never a customer too small that cannot be helped. I was truly pleased to learn that a simple phone call to the Joliet Chamber of Commerce will result in business for Shark Shredding, Inc.

Please pass along to your staff at the chamber a Thank You from me and our team here at Shark Shredding, Inc. that it wasn’t Google, Yellowbook, Dex, Bing or any other modern tech devise that led this client to our doorstep, just good old fashioned chamber members helping chamber members.

Thank you for the support of your membership!”

Brian Ciapinski

President/Co-Owner, Shark Shredding & Document Management Services, Inc.

Great American Bagel

“I have been a member of the Joliet Region Chamber of Commerce for many years. The Joliet Region Chamber has a tremendous staff who works hard to promote business, increase awareness of new and existing businesses in the community and help to create very important and useful relationships amongst business owners, social service organizations and community leaders. Being a member of the Joliet Region Chamber of Commerce has been an asset to our existence because the community relies on their recognition of local businesses. Being listed as member, people feel secure that we have an upstanding reputation and commitment to providing a quality community in which to live and work.”
Tom Grotovsky

Owner, Great American Bagel

Dale Carnegie Training

“I appreciate the Joliet Region Chamber of Commerce for many reasons. After 20 years of working with various chambers, Joliet has become my favorite because of the consistent focus on meaningfully supporting the business and general community without favoritism and leadership that results in efficient teamwork of the staff and volunteers. In an analysis I did last year of my business in Will County, approximately 50% of my business had a direct connection to my relationship with your Chamber.

Thank you and all the team for your great attitude in this challenging economy, the Joliet Chamber is my pick for my most valuable chamber relationship.”

Mark Wilson

Leadership Trainer, Dale Carnegie Training

Larry Walsh

“The Joliet Region Chamber of Commerce exemplifies its mission to advance the interests of business, professional and service organizations in the area. As Will County Executive, former Illinois State Senator and as a lifetime resident of the area, I have seen and experienced first-hand the fantastic success this organization has experienced – and brings to others.

Through a team of top notch professionals, the Joliet Region Chamber goes above and beyond the call to bring the community interesting and informative programs, wonderful networking opportunities and excellent tools to advance business and communication. From its Community Leadership School, to its business luncheons and dinners, to its Business after Hours, to its renowned recognition events, the Joliet Region Chamber is a model of excellence. I can honestly say that as a chamber member and participant, I am very proud to be a part of this impressive team and organization.”

Larry Walsh

Former Will County Executive, Joliet

A.J. Wilhelmi

“Over the past 15 years, I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in Chamber functions, events, committees, and opportunities. In return, I have been fortunate to establish excellent personal and professional relationships. The Chamber has opened many doors that have helped me grow as a person and a professional.”

A.J. Wilhelmi

Former State Senator, 43rd District

Prairieland Audiology LLC

“I didn’t know anyone in Joliet when I opened my audiology practice so one of the first things I did was join the Chamber. The networking opportunities and the people I met were extremely helpful in growing my business and getting established in the community.”
Karen Pastell

Retired - Au.D., Prairieland Audiology LLC

State Senator, District 43

“The Joliet Chamber provides a variety of ways for established and up-and-coming leaders to come together. The Chamber’s many forums unite men and women from all professions in the common cause of improving the Joliet area. I can’t imagine our community without it.”
Pat McGuire

Former State Senator, District 43

Joliet Catholic Academy

“The Joliet Chamber of Commerce has been a key supporter of Joliet Catholic Academy. The Chamber is the lifeline for the city.”

Jeff Budz

CEO/Principal, Joliet Catholic Academy

Window World

“We are thrilled to be a part of this remarkable group dedicated to making Joliet better for the last 100 plus years. The tireless staff move mountains everyday to ensure businesses and work opportunities develop within our region. It’s an honor to support and be supported by the Joliet Chamber.”

Brian Hopkins

Owner, Window World

Cornerstone Services Inc.

“We are very fortunate at Cornerstone to have had such unwavering support from the Joliet Region Chamber of Commerce over the years. The Chambers team are true professionals and truly love this community. We look forward to partnering with them on many more activities in the future that benefit all the proud citizens of the Joliet area.”

Ben Stortz

President/CEO, Cornerstone Services Inc.

University of St. Francis

Serving Joliet, Will County, and beyond for over 100 years, the University of St. Francis is proud to partner with the Joliet Region Chamber of Commerce & Industry to promote education and support business in the region. We believe that a strong business community is essential to a high quality of life in our community – and that higher education supports and is supported by a vibrant chamber of commerce. Additionally, we find it a great source of pride that so many of our alumni use the education and experiences that they gained from USF to make a positive impact right here in our local communities – further demonstrating that “Joliet is our town, and USF is Joliet’s university”!

Arvid Johnson

President, University of St. Francis

KODO Pharmacy

“The Joliet Chamber of Commerce has been an invaluable resource to KODOCARE Pharmacy and the entire community, especially throughout the pandemic. The Chamber provided crucial information in daily emails and also did a great job connecting resources, like when the COVID Vaccine and Tests were in short supply, the Chamber emailed members to let them know that we had both. KODOCARE Pharmacy will be lifelong member.”

Chad Kodiak

RPh, PharmD, KODO Pharmacy

Will County Children’s Advocacy Center

“When people say to me, “you know everybody.” I always credit my involvement with the Joliet Region Chamber of Commerce. The Joliet Chamber connected me to the community!”

Lisa Morel Las

Will County Children’s Advocacy Center

Trinity Services, Inc.

“Trinity Services is proud to be a member of the Joliet Chamber of Commerce. By participating in chamber events, we have increased awareness of the services we provide. And, the support businesses Trinity operates, which provide financial support and employment options for individuals with disabilities, have also benefitted.”

Sherry Ladislas

Director of Development, Trinity Services, Inc.

The Timbers Of Shorewood

“The Joliet Chamber has been a vital organization to The Timbers of Shorewood. Not only have we built loyal business partnerships through the Chamber but we have also had the opportunity to build even more business partnerships and friendships through the Joliet Business Builders referral group.”

Sheila Reyes

Leasing Coordinator, The Timbers Of Shorewood