Your business can ADVERTISE on the streets of Downtown Joliet! Think Flowers...Think Spring!

Sales are open and locations are filling up quickly

Joliet Boulevard Banner Program

Make sure you call the Chamber office at 815.727.5371 today!  Deadline to reserve a spot is April 15, 2022  Banner spots sell quickly and have sold out in the past.

(Buy More and Save)
1 to 4 banners = $285 each
5 to 9 banners = $275 each
10 or more banners = $265 each

Banners are made of durable vinyl and hang on the street light poles for 6 months from approximately Memorial Day until Thanksgiving. Banners will read Welcome to Joliet, Your Company Name and the Joliet Chamber logo

You can request the exact location and street pole

Call us today to get started