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Get involved in the Joliet Community Through Committees or Special Events

We invite our members to become involved in Chamber programs and activities. Please complete and click submit to e-mail this form to the Chamber office if you wish to become involved in any of the following committees or special events. (Check as many as you wish to participate in.)

  • (To develop and implement programs that will attract and retain members for the Joliet Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
  • (To protect and improve the business environment and overall quality of life in the Joliet region)
  • (Initiate, monitor and support legislation and policies at all levels of government which may impact business; develop and recommend advocacy positions to Chamber Board for action as appropriate; communicate Chamber position on issues clearly and effective)
  • (To develop and implement ongoing informational, training and networking programs that are of direct benefit to the profitability and success of member businesses and organizations)
  • (Plan and implement Chamber special programs and fundraising activities)