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Joliet Chamber Business Builders will give you the opportunity to meet weekly with 20-30 other business professionals. If you are the type of person that can generate good referrals from your line of work and would be happy to receive quality leads in return to further your business, let us know. During the meeting time, you will have numerous chances to explain your line of work in order to educate those around the room. In time it will seem as if those 20-30 people will be working for you. Although the main focus is on generating more business, the group can provide a great way to become more comfortable speaking in front of a crowd. Also, you will have a chance to perfect a short sales pitch, pick up on ideas and practices that you may have never thought of, and bounce ideas off of professionals from different walks of life.

Many of the professionals in the group are currently in or have participated in other referral groups. A couple of our members are in up to 3 or 4 groups in different communities because they have found that the system does work, but you need to come out and see for yourself.

Special Invite to Attend

In April of 2004 the Joliet Chamber began two referral groups named “Business Builders.” This program continues to offer weekly meetings every Friday morning. We are happy to say that we have a very unique and productive referral group that is striving to this day.

This message is a personal invite for you to consider attending a Business Builder meeting in the very near future. We have a great group of individuals representing quality companies. All of the group members represent a different business category as no competition is allowed. Every meeting is opened and closed with each members delivering a 30 second commercial, we exchange/announce leads gathered since the last meeting, and allow a group member or two to deliver a presentation that lasts 10 minutes in order to go further into their product or service.

This group is great for small businesses, those in need of sales and / or marketing assistance, a way to practice public speaking and so on. All members keep their eyes and ears open for each other and work to “build” business for their fellow group associates. We can honestly say that the members of this group have built great professional and personal relationships.

Please call us at 815.727.5371 or email at with questions or for further information. We would be happy to invite you to an upcoming meeting on behalf of the group.


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Business Builders

Business Builders Competition and Membership

There is no competition allowed in each group, so call soon to take advantage of this opportunity.

Please call the Chamber office . 

Please call us at 815.727.5371 or email at to see if your business category has been filled.

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