News Release

Jen Howard, President

For Immediate Release

Joliet Chamber Initiates Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council

Joliet, IL. – February 11, 2021 – The Joliet Region Chamber of Commerce & Industry would like to announce that a new council has been created with the following vision: The Joliet Region Chamber of Commerce & Industry is dedicated to actively and intentionally cultivating business workplaces to value diversity, equity, and inclusion. We vehemently condemn all forms of prejudice, injustice, hate, intolerance, and racism by actively seeking ways to dismantle systemic discrimination in pursuit of a more equitable business community and a more just society.

The Joliet Region Chamber of Commerce & Industry will challenge our Board of Directors, employees, members, and partners, as well as our city, county, state, and other civic leaders to enact positive change in our organization and the communities we serve.

The new council was initiated in the summer of 2020 and has been meeting since then to finalize the overall impact of their vision as diversity, equity, and inclusion is imperative to ensuring our communities are places people will want to live, work, and play. The DEI Council is comprised of various chamber members representing a variety of businesses and industry. They will work together on a recurring basis to ensure the statement above is carried out in our communities.

Three main areas of focus will be workforce, workplace, and marketplace. A concerted effort to recruit qualified employees from traditionally underrepresented groups will be the focus for workforce. The workplace goal is to adopt policies and practices that include people who have historically been absent from an organization/business. As for marketplace, we will work to deeply involve minority-owned enterprises in the regional economy and recognize the enormous purchasing power of minority groups.

Interested businesses and individuals in the community can find more information by visiting or by calling 815.727.5371.

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The Joliet Region Chamber of Commerce & Industry is one of the largest and most active Chambers of Commerce in Illinois representing 1,000 member businesses and organizations from a wide variety of categories. The Chamber carries out its mission by advocating in the interest of business and providing opportunities for committee work, networking, promotion, and continuing professional development.