Professional Dive Training & Travel is a Joliet Chamber member who teaches people how to scuba dive. They also have continuing education classes that make people better divers or increase their skills, for example taking pictures underwater, penetrating wrecks, or becoming a scuba instructor. They also take people scuba diving to exotic destinations around the world. In the next year alone, they will be in Micronesia, Indonesia, Bonaire, Saba, Cuba, Italy and Belize. Owner, Harold Bach is the only full-time employee, and there are a few part-time instructors that work for the company. Harold has been full-time in the scuba industry since 1998.

Professional Dive Training & Travel was formed in May 2010, as a “semi-retirement” job for Harold and ballooned to an almost full-time position. They teach 6-7 days a week in the late spring, summer and early fall. Most of the trips are then taken in the late fall, winter and early spring.

Harold explained, “We are in the transformation business. Once you dive under the water and see this whole new world, your life will be transformed. Scuba diving will become a passion! It is a low-impact family sport that provides people between the ages of 10 and 99 a lot of enjoyment and confidence. About the only requirement is being comfortable in the water.”

Diving is fun! The learning process is not like school; you spend most of the time in the water having a lot of fun. Their classes are not pre-set and they create a program that fits with your schedule. Most people learn in three 4 hour sessions after completing the manual at home at their convenience. Then when they are certified, they can travel the world scuba diving. They will see new creatures and bring back memories of a lifetime. Harold expressed that his experience has been that the Joliet Chamber Members are business owners or managers who have the means and hopefully the interest in exploring a whole new world that few get to see!

On June 22nd they are holding a Memorial dive in Kankakee, at a beautiful training lake, for an instructor that recently passed away due to pancreatic cancer. They will also be scheduling some charter dive trips on Lake Michigan later this year.

For more information on Professional Dive Training & Travel, check out their website at or give them a call at (708) 717-3883.