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"I wanted to pass along a "Thank You" to the staff at the chamber of commerce for a call we received at our office today, Friday, 2-14-14. 

An elderly gentleman from the Joliet area reached out to the Joliet chamber office needing to find help with some shredding services. The staff was kind enough to provide him with our company name and telephone number. As is our normal pra
ctice, when finishing up with his phone call, I asked him how he had learned of our company and he explained that he was given our name and number by the folks at the Joliet Chamber of Commerce.

As we all know, in today's tight economy, there is never a customer too small that can not be helped. I was truly pleased to learn that a simple phone call to the Joliet Chamber of Commerce will result in business for Shark Shredding, Inc. 

Please pass along to your staff at the chamber a Thank You from me and our team here at Shark Shredding, Inc. that it wasn't Google, Yellowbook, Dex, Bing or any other modern tech devise that led this client to our doorstep, just good old fashioned chamber members helping chamber members.

Thank you for the support of your membership!"


Brian Ciapinski
Shark Shredding & Document Management Services, Inc.

Long time Chamber member and Ambassador, R. Dale Evans

"Just wanted to drop you line about how excited we were with the results of the recent Joliet Business Expo. We have done quite a few of these, and while this is the first one with Joliet Chamber, it was by far the most successful one we have participated in. We received 54 sound leads, booked 20 tours on the spot, and have had a family since then register that we would have not met otherwise! That registration alone yielded a return on the investment as a sponsor. Skiddles the Clown was fantastic and we will likely have her at our school this summer. This points to the fact that we also made some sound business to business contacts. Thanks again for a successful Expo!"

Rundy and Karen Wells
On-Site Owners
The Goddard School

“I have been a member of the Joliet Region Chamber of Commerce for many years. The Joliet Region Chamber has a tremendous staff who works hard to promote business, increase awareness of new and existing businesses in the community and help to create very important and useful relationships amongst business owners, social service organizations and community leaders. Being a member of the Joliet Region Chamber of Commerce has been an asset to our existence because the community relies on their recognition of local businesses. Being listed as member, people feel secure that we have an upstanding reputation and commitment to providing a quality community in which to live and work.”

Tom Grotovsky


Great American Bagel

“When we incorporated, one of the first things we did was sought out the Chamber and sought membership with the Chamber. It’s a really good networking tool and it always has been for us. Some of our first customers came from Joliet Chamber referrals. It’s a great way to network with other businesses and other people in the community.”

Bob Johnson

B.A.M. Cleaning Service, Inc.

“I appreciate the Joliet Region Chamber of Commerce for many reasons.  After 20 years of working with various chambers, Joliet has become my favorite because of the consistent focus on meaningfully supporting the business and general community without favoritism and leadership that results in efficient teamwork of the staff and volunteers.  In an analysis I did last year of my business in Will County, approximately 50% of my business had a direct connection to my relationship with your Chamber. 

Thank you and all the team for your great attitude in this challenging economy, the Joliet Chamber is my pick for my most valuable chamber relationship.”

Mark Wilson

Dale Carnegie Training 

“I think that the Joliet Chamber can help my business through advertising, promotions and, quite frankly, getting the public aware that there is a cleaning facility like ours here in downtown Joliet. Our services are available to other businesses, residential and commercial. I want to make all of Joliet and Will County aware of the services that we do provide right here in downtown Joliet.”

John Conway

KC Specialty Dry Cleaners

"The Joliet Region Chamber of Commerce exemplifies its mission to advance the interests of business, professional and service organizations in the area. As Will County Executive, former Illinois State Senator and as a lifetime resident of the area, I have seen and experienced first-hand the fantastic success this organization has experienced – and brings to others.

Through a team of top notch professionals, the Joliet Region Chamber goes above and beyond the call to bring the community interesting and informative programs, wonderful networking opportunities and excellent tools to advance business and communication. From its Community Leadership School, to its business luncheons and dinners, to its Business after Hours, to its renowned recognition events, the Joliet Region Chamber is a model of excellence. I can honestly say that as a chamber member and participant, I am very proud to be a part of this impressive team and organization.”

Larry Walsh

Will County Executive

“Over the past 15 years, I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in Chamber functions, events, committees, and opportunities.  In return, I have been fortunate to establish excellent personal and professional relationships.  The Chamber has opened many doors that have helped me grow as a person and a professional.”

A.J. Wilhelmi

Former State Senator

43rd District

The stars were shining brightly in downtown Joliet on June 8 for “New Orleans North,” a fun, unique event that transformed Chicago Street into a neighborhood bistro, as diners enjoyed great food from downtown Joliet’s finest restaurants.

I wish to extend my personal congratulations to everyone involved in this flawless event, including Mary Jaworski and the staff of the Joliet Region Chamber of Commerce, the City Center Partnership, the owners and staff of the participating restaurants and the many people who supported the event with their participation.

From the quality of food and conversation to the full participation of Mother Nature, everyone truly had a wonderful time. I am personally looking forward to next year’s edition of “New Orleans North” when we can once again, “Let the good times roll.”

Rose Giarrante




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